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JJ Dealnger is an entertainer hailing from Indianapolis "Naptown", Indiana. His personal background reflects a story that many new age rappers get to see on the big screen, yet speak of as if they lived the tale.

"I'm a 6'2" Black male that fits the description of a wanted suspect." "I have the same single parent background that millions of youth around the world experience," he continues. "I have been in school yard fights, big battles, I've been at WAR"!

He knows what it means to have nothing and how that makes a person feel, and now he is on the move, trying to know what it feels like to have something! JJ Dealnger tours and performs constantly, leaving an indelible mark on the crowds that experience his music and presence. His goal and music career plans are a storyboard for global success and longevity. The skills of "Griot" (storyteller) are what sets him apart from the pack. Honing his skills in his neighborhood as a youth, several of his crew, including himself, stood out above the other rappers in the area…then he began to rise to the top of the pack…that's just the beginning, the rest of the tale has yet to be told…

His influences are life and the struggles therein…but a positive hope for the future. JJ Dealnger claims no specific musical influence but listens to a bit of everything, from Marvin to Biggie but doesn't allow those styles to direct his musical direction or delivery. Everything he gives his fans is pure Dealnger, his experiences, his words and his style.

Dealnger got his start in rap by "recording songs here and there at my man's studio and I would never burn the songs on a disk." He was simply using the studio as an opportunity to get things off his chest and record a sort of journal so to speak. While he had his friend save the pieces in a file after every session, it took his friend pushing him saying "…man you need to put this out there." So they began looking through the file, discovered he had more than enough music to create an album, he just needed to make the commitment. Long story short he decided to move forward and give it a shot.

JJ Dealnger can be described as laid back but aggressive at the same time in him musical style. "I'm going to make you listen to the music, and rewind shit like 'what'd he just say"? "My talk is stamped! When I'm on the track, I'm telling a story." He continues "I just happen to make my stories rhyme."

His favorite part of perfuming is the interaction with the crowd. Dealnger acknowledges that his crowd comes to see HIM and we have to be on the same page…give them what they came to see and hear. "I give the people a pack of JJ Dealnger. A dose of everything -- they can call it a care package."

JJ reserves his opinion on today's musical trends saying "It depends on what the people want, they make the musical trends." An artist can be hot, but if the people don't thinks so then no units are moved."

JJ Dealnger can be seen on stages all over the country as he puts in the work required to climb through the ranks and increase awareness of his projects and increase his fan base. His single "That Monkey," speaks to his attitude about doing the shows necessary to advance his career -- "Line 'em up and knock 'em down" is his motto!

"That Monkey" is a showcase of JJ Dealnger's deadly delivery over a massive track…you will break your neck because the beat just doesn't let you go and the lyrical delivery highlights his skill at using his voice as part of the instrumentation of the song.

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